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Everything you need to know about AssetReport

What we Do.

We see our clients success on the finanical market as our starting point. We are working hard to connect with new banks and brokers to enable our clients to use our platform even if they decide to change their financial institution. Your feedback helps us to constantly improve and expand our services. Our goal is not only to be the worldwide Number 1 Trading Metrics Platform, but to extend our lead through further development.

Our Mission.

We want to help traders on the stock market to recognize their sources of error, to optimize their strategies and to finally achieve a more efficient ROI. And all of this combined on one platform which works independently or with different banks. That is the reason why we developed the Assetreport platform. Using our tool, it is easy to get an overview over your trades and investmens without losing track about anything. Again, our goal is to find your sources of erros and to avoid them.

Our Vision.

Worldwide a average of almost 85% private traders lose their savings through trading and investing on the stock market. Our attempt is to bring this rate under a percentage of 50 to bring more people around the world to the stock market. We, the Assetreport Team, are convinced that the knowledge about personal weakness and strength truly influences the traders success on the stock market.


List of People who matter in our company
Murat Turap

Murat Turap

Adrian Glazer

Adrian Glazer

Lirim Rizmani

Piotr Kreft

Piotr Kreft

Ann Kathrin Löfler