Can I trade with your company?
No. We are a technology provider and do not offer trading service. You can track and analyse your trades and investments in the financial market with our platform.
Why are you showing other positions than my trading platform?
We download trading activities from your clearing firm or execution provider on a daily/hourly basis. We work hard to make sure your data is as accurate as possible. If you believe PropReports is missing a trade for your account, please contact your manager or broker to let them know.
I forgot my password, can you help me recover it?
Please click the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page to have a new password e-mailed to you.
I found a bug in your software, how do I report it?
Please send an Email with the issue details and we will immediately investigate the situation.
Which asset classes are supported?
CFD, Futures, Shares, ETFs, Forex and Options. We are constantly expanding our supporting asset classes.
For which stock markets do you provide charts?
For all of our shares, traded on the US stock market. American future contracts as well as all forex values. For stock markets and assests you´ll automatically receive the corresponding chart in the journal view. In retrospect, it will make the analysis easier for you. In near future, the European stock markets will be added as well. You can get this function with the new version direct and pro.
While using direct version, you just have to type in your login information from your broker and your trading history gets automatically synchronised with our platform. Get more information about security
While using the plugin version, a plugin programmed by us will be installed on your trading platform which then will upload your trading history on our platform.
While using the manual version, you can track your trades with our tool even if your most likely trading platform or broker isn´t supported by us.
Why does your profit and loss not match with what my trading platform is showing?
Some execution providers use a different method for computing profit and loss (e.g. average price method) or do not retain correct cost basis for over night positions.
What type of security do you use to protect my account information?
For brokerage links, we use bank-level, and 256-bit SSL Encryption on and the app, which is the industry standard. Additionally, there are no shared net worth numbers on Assetreport. No one can see how much money you have in your account while using Assetreport. We also do not store your credentials or any sensitive information on our servers.
I'm worried about sharing my investment information. How much information can other users see in my portfolio?
You are sharing absolutely nothing publicly, in regards to your holdings, trades, and performance. No other user will ever be able to see your holdings, trades or performance unless you both are members of a private group. Even in these protected private groups, no dollar amounts are ever shared.
Does Assetreport ever give my information to third parties?
No, never. Your account information and details are never provided to anyone, for any reason or period of time.
Which payment possibilities do you provide?
You can pay with credit card for our services.
Why is there only a yearly run-time?
This ensures you the best price performance ratio.
Do you provide money refund?
No. We have to pay the exchange fee upfront, but you have the opportunity to test our tool 10 days for free.
Where can I find and change my payment details?
In the account section you´ll have the opportunity to change your payment details.
Do these prices include tax?
The prices shown are exclusive of tax such as VAT.